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At a time when social networks, photo and video sharing are flourishing, the audience has become a highly active player in events! Mondial Events integrated this trend a long time ago and is forever exploring the possibilities that are out there (dedicated mini-sites, VR/AR, 3D…). Connected apps are also part of the levers that bolster involvement of attendees: both participative and interactive, the event becomes a platform to convey and discuss ideas. Shared content, personalised profile, handling of documents… Everything is imaginable!

Digital tools instil pace to your presentations: video jingles are used at various points in your plenary sessions, motion design films give perspective to your messages, theme films bolster the impact of your convention. To maintain concentration, curiosity and develop the central theme of the event!


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Our registration management tool

Monitoring of registrations, reminders, checking all the information has arrived at its destination… With the Mondial Events platform, providing information is as easy as consulting it.
This platform can be entirely personalised :

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