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to the land of emotions

New worlds,
New emotions.

This is the approach adopted by Mondial Events when creating
your seminar, convention, and all corporal events.

With ideas outside the box, to convey your messages
and leave a lasting memory.


We base ourselves
on what does not yet exist



Dissident? Yes.
We are not geniuses, but we are convinced: we prefer to be the first to head down a new path,
we are better at innovating that copying, we get even more excited about surprising than reassuring.
Ambition is the first step of a project. So let’s aim high!


Being responsive means the ability
to adapt and be reactive
in the human, technological
and entrepreneurial sense of the term.



We do not have a magic recipe.
We have a multitude of resources
and a wealth of lively and creative personalities.
Thanks to regular interaction and a careful selection of adapted services, we imagine how to get the spark of magic, a new world, new emotions.
Unique and specific to such a one-off event: yours.


We hide nothing from you
because trust makes
working as a team easier.


Daring transparency

We prefer surprises to secrets.
This is why we place dialogue
Listening, discussion, support and advice.
These are the gifts we make :
human relations and exclusive creation.


Every moment we create
gives rise to the feeling of nostalgia to come.


Creating an experience

Live the full intensity of the event as it unfolds, feel the inkling of the nostalgia to come, this is the experience that

Mondial Events instils to its creations.
Because a successful event steps out beyond the present, gives birth to emotions and takes root in people’s minds to then become a reference.

“I am ten years old”, says the agency
“When I was ten…” answers the team

Fabien Duranel Founder & Director 10 ans en 1986
Fabien Duranel Founder & Director

I wanted to be a highway toll collector. I used to wonder what they did with all that money they collected! 

Nathalie Drique Director of Production
Nathalie Drique Director of Production

I used to enjoy dressing up my little one-year-old sister, and I must admit she looked very odd at times!

Nelly Chatain-Garcia Production Manager 10 ans en 1994
Nelly Chatain-Garcia Production Manager

I was a fan of Michael Jackson and to this day enjoy taking on his challenging choreography!

Elodie Coche Production Manager 10 ans en 1990
Elodie Coche Production Manager

I was totally passionate about horse-riding during the day time, and then loved listening to rock music all night long, and had my Walkman permanently pulled over my ears.

Nathalie Estragnat Head Accountant 10 ans en 1982
Nathalie Estragnat Head Accountant

I was keen on programming and used to develop games. Wonder Woman was my favourite character!

Laura Glorieux Communications Manager 10 ans en 1990
Laura Glorieux Communications Manager

I wanted to become a florist or paediatrician, and above all was crazy about the theatre. I loved making a mountain out of a mole hill!

Alexandra Voegel Communications Officer 10 ans en 1998
Alexandra Voegel Communications Officer

I wanted to be an astronaut and explore the universe, and always had loads of chewing gum in my pockets, I loved the stuff! 

Fabrice Prudhomme Sales Manager 10 ans en 1989
Fabrice Prudhomme Sales Manager

I was shy but I wanted to become a comedian, so I used to secretly write up sketches with my friends …

Maud Remilleux Sales 10 ans en 1992
Maud Remilleux Sales

I used to run around a lot: I played lots of basketball and also Cat’s Eyes in the playground 🙂

Caroline Marguet-Heintz Sales 10 ans en 1998
Caroline Marguet-Heintz Sales

I was incredibly stubborn! I now say “obstinate” because it is a quality: if I want, I can!

Laetitia Mourot-Rousset Project Manager 10 ans en 1995
Laetitia Mourot-Rousset Project Manager

I was passionate about dancing and I used to dream of the stage! Nobody puts baby in a corner, as they say…

Nicolas Marechal Sales 10 ans en 1991
Nicolas Marechal Sales

I was a dreamer and music fan, and things have not changed much. I am the DJ when we have a party!

Aurore Bertaud Project Manager 10 ans en 2000
Aurore Bertaud Project Manager

Competitor at heart, I used to spend my time practising gymnastics with my friends to build up my collection of medals.

Marion Vignes Project Manager 10 ans en 2002
Marion Vignes Project Manager

I could already picture myself at the head of… the State! I used to make speeches in front of the mirror, to try to rally an imaginary crowd around my ideas.

David Boulanger Project Manager 10 ans en 1991
David Boulanger Project Manager

I was already a football fan and my team was sacred! I am now still just as passionate but much less touchy…

Mary Lavelle Project Manager 10 ans en 1999
Mary Lavelle Project Manager

All my school reports said I was too chatty! I never stopped wanting to share my good mood!

Alexandre Coin Project Manager 10 ans en 1986
Alexandre Coin Project Manager

I was really independent. A bit like Davy Croquet, I liked building shelters, horse-riding, wandering around…

Elodie Bonnet Project Manager 10 ans en 1994
Elodie Bonnet Project Manager

I used to secretly watch horror films, and then ended up terrified…. This is the risk that comes with testing what is forbidden!

Aurélien Bermond Senior Project Manager 10 ans en 1991
Aurélien Bermond Senior Project Manager

I wanted to be a stunt man or rock star, I grew up with a guitar and Pimm’s!

Claire Magro-Dulac Project Manager 10 ans en 1999
Claire Magro-Dulac Project Manager

I was over-sensitive! The only thing that really calmed me down was the sweets I used to buy with my 5 francs coin on Wednesday afternoons.

Join our team and remain big kids at heart ! jai10ans@mondial-events.fr

We prefer creating our own path !

Mondial Events is an independent agency born in Lyon in 2007. Originally an events agency, it evolved in 2012 with the creation of its travel agency Jetlag by ME, to become the Event Marketing agency it is today.

Mondial Events works alongside you before, during and after the event: seminar, convention, business travel, strategy and communication, connected tools, digital advice and social media…

From design to implementation and logistical organisation, Mondial Events can be relied upon when expected to, and surprise you when not expected to. Choosing Mondial Events as a partner means opting for coherence that leads elsewhere than to the obvious, the expected or worse still, a déjà-vu.

It means being intransigent when it comes to logistics, and the quest for a high-impact result conducted with intelligence and emotions.


Whether your event is in its very early stages, or in the need of the icing on the cake, we are keen to discuss your needs.

By phone at +334 72 17 79 90
or by mail at contact@mondial-events.fr

Each month, new screensavers to see far and wide!


Free access to our musical emotions on Spotify !

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