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to the land of emotions

New worlds,
New emotions.

This is the approach adopted by Mondial Events when creating
your seminar, convention, and all corporal events.

With ideas outside the box, to convey your messages
and leave a lasting memory.


We base ourselves
on what does not yet exist



Dissident? Yes.
We are not geniuses, but we are convinced: we prefer to be the first to head down a new path,
we are better at innovating that copying, we get even more excited about surprising than reassuring.
Ambition is the first step of a project. So let’s aim high!


Being responsive means the ability
to adapt and be reactive
in the human, technological
and entrepreneurial sense of the term.



We do not have a magic recipe.
We have a multitude of resources
and a wealth of lively and creative personalities.
Thanks to regular interaction and a careful selection of adapted services, we imagine how to get the spark of magic, a new world, new emotions.
Unique and specific to such a one-off event: yours.


We hide nothing from you
because trust makes
working as a team easier.


Daring transparency

We prefer surprises to secrets.
This is why we place dialogue
Listening, discussion, support and advice.
These are the gifts we make :
human relations and exclusive creation.


Every moment we create
gives rise to the feeling of nostalgia to come.


Creating an experience

Live the full intensity of the event as it unfolds, feel the inkling of the nostalgia to come, this is the experience that

Mondial Events instils to its creations.
Because a successful event steps out beyond the present, gives birth to emotions and takes root in people’s minds to then become a reference.

Each month, new screensavers to see far and wide!


Free access to our musical emotions on Spotify !

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